Landscape Tips?


I’ve recently discovered that I know absolutely nothing about landscape photography.  Anyone have tips?  I literally traveled an hour and a half last weekend for the sole purpose of shooing landscapes and got this:

Yeah, not very landscapey…


6 Responses to “Landscape Tips?”

  1. I read this landscaping mag and it said that the clouds make 80 percent of the photo shoot and in all my pics there some amazing clouds in the back grounds. plus you have a really nice camera which means you’ll get even better pics. You should go out when a storm is about to begin. You can get some really cool shoots 🙂
    (I hope this helps)

  2. 2 Neil Wheatcraft

    The deeper blue in the sky will also drive depth to the viewer. I also find that if you don’t have the focal length image stitching can help deliver depth right outside your lenses’ normal scope. I find the biggest mistakes I make are to focus on the background and forget what’s in the foreground. IE: A contorted tree loses focus over rolling hills. I started using small aperture as well as Multi-Zone Metering to ensure I don’t get bleeds from the sun.

    Hopefully that is some sort of a help. =) Landscape frustrates me… Hah

    • 3 TBird

      That’s good information, guys. Thanks!

      I think most if my problem is composition, though. I’ll just force myself to shoot it until I get decent.

      • 4 Neil Wheatcraft

        I’ve always found that to be the best thing in the world. Just a jabillion pictures, and the rule of thirds. =)

  3. 5 Patrick

    Yeah, landscape photography is an interesting beast. I usually like to work with my aperture as wide as possible to get that excellent bokeh that L lenses have, and you can’t really do that with landscape – gotta keep the aperture small. You might also want to experiment with manual focus, if you aren’t already.

    Composition is a huge part of it, though. As Neal said, rule of thirds is good. I also like to mess with the position of the focal point as well…usually off to one side, never smack in the middle, that sort of thing. For me, the empty space is sort of the point of a landscape, and a cool tree/rock formation/whatever is more of a framing element. If that even makes sense.

    • 6 TBird

      That makes perfect sense, Patrick. I think I need to go somewhere that isn’t really crowded to get practice. Avoid trying in the woods until I get a simple, decent landscape accomplished!

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