My first odonata!  I’ve been dying for a decent dragon or damsefly shot.

argia apicalis


4 Responses to “Finally!”

  1. 1 Can E.

    Thanks for liking my Veiled cham photo at Gizmodo! My comment to your post there probably never going to post thanks to their unregistered user post filtering. As I understand you like herps. You should see my 4 other chamelon’s photos too 🙂

    I like how you are making use of your 100mm.

    Well since I’m posting here, lets critique this photo… I like the definition and composition albeit I would have preferred if the wings and abdomen didn’t get cut off. Colors are nice and popping. Great bokeh. Thorax is sharp but the right eye is slightly out of focus along with the legs, it’s still quite acceptable. The grass in the background intersecting with the body of the fly give a nice touch to he composition. The blur on the left bottom corner balances the subject nicely. Overall a nice photo.


    • 2 TBird

      For some reason, my phone doesn’t like your link, so I’ll look at it when I’m actually on my pc. I’m excited to see them! I actually own a bearded dragon, two ball pythons, and a sulcata tortoise.

      It looked to me that the eye was in focus, but the legs bother me as well. I’d really like to learn to focus stack so I can avoid that. I deeply appreciate the thorough critique though!

  2. Hi.

    This photo is fantastic, lovely. I like it.

  3. Nice snap!!!!! you captured it well….expecting more of this kind….

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