The Emergence 2011


It’s now late Spring and Brood XIX are at their peak, it seems.  I missed the brood somehow in the early stages, but have gotten many old skins on the trees.  I remember when I was young I would pull them off trees to see how many I could stick to my shirt. I’d have been in Heaven!

Aside from not posting on this blog much (sorry, I’m trying to fix that) I’ve had a hell of a time decided on which piece of gear I’d like to purchase next.  It’s basically a tie between the MP-E 65mm and the MT 24EX.  Anyone here have suggestions?  I’m leaning more toward the lens.


4 Responses to “The Emergence 2011”

  1. The MP-E65 lens is awesome, but useless without the MT-24EX. If you’ve got the 100mm macro, get the MT-24EX and a set of Kenco extension tubes with the money left over. You’ll want to get your bearings with a good flash unit before tackling the beast that is the 65mm.

    • 2 Tee_bird

      The macro shooters at PotN said a bracketed 430EX would work well with the MP-E 65, but I’m definitely second guessing it. More research it is!

      Thanks for your input.

  2. 3 Bryan H.

    Hey, I randomly revisited this site for the first time in a long while. I love the close up detail in the photos. Keep up the great photography work! Hopefully there will be more than one new post the next time i check : D

  3. I heard there was a place in Missouri making cicada flavored ice cream for a couple weeks before they got shut down by the health department!

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