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It’s now late Spring and Brood XIX are at their peak, it seems.  I missed the brood somehow in the early stages, but have gotten many old skins on the trees.  I remember when I was young I would pull them off trees to see how many I could stick to my shirt. I’d have […]

Praying Mantis


Mantis religiosa.



My first odonata!  I’ve been dying for a decent dragon or damsefly shot. argia apicalis

Some Bug Shots


Here’s just a few shots I took last night while scavaging my yard. The lead photo was actually dead… which made me sad.  The rest of them were alive and well. Since it’s August, I’d really like to get some shots of a mantis of any type!  Even with the 100+ heat index, I find […]

Luna Moth


I got some what I think are decent shots of a Luna moth today.  They’re much more impressive than the ones I took a few months back on my 350D!

Took a little family trip, and this was one of the many insects I saw.  It’s quite possibly one of the biggest beetles I’ve ever seen!

Small Spider


A little bit of something different.  I like how the spider is staring directly at me with the “menacing” looking lily in the back.

Shot some bugs today, but nothing was brilliant.

My Skills as an identifier of insects is pretty bad.  Anyone know what kind of fly this is? This photo was actually really hard for me to take. I have an unnatural fear of ticks so the shaking was a little much. It was also ready to eat me, as you can see by the […]

All images can be clicked for the full size. Graphocephala coccinea Got to go shooting today, again macro work seems really hard on my new 5dmkII, I think I need to get a MP-E 65mm lens to help get some more magnification out of it. Camera:  Canon 5d Mark II Lens:  Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro […]