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We decided to check out the river today because we haven’t had a good rain in ages, and the northern rivers seem to be damming theirs to save water. The water here is usually sand-free so seeing this much is absolutely crazy.  We even used Google Maps to see where exactly we were when we […]

It’s now late Spring and Brood XIX are at their peak, it seems.  I missed the brood somehow in the early stages, but have gotten many old skins on the trees.  I remember when I was young I would pull them off trees to see how many I could stick to my shirt. I’d have […]

First Paid Gig


So, a couple of weeks ago I did my first paid shoot for a website.  Bear in mind, I don’t advertise or anything and am purely a hobbyist.  The offer really shocked me!  Anyways, here’s some pictures!