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A few weeks ago, I spent some time in Kansas City and KCIR for the Muscle Car Reunion.  Basically it’s a drag race for cars when they were awesome.  Here’s a few shots I took there. All of these images were taken with the Canon 5D Mark II and the 24-105L or 70-200L/4 lens. Advertisements

Here is a lame photo I took yesterday to celebrate Fall. Have a great Halloween, feelow readers!  I may even post some costume shots.  Maybe.



A shot from a storm that made its way through Missouri a few weeks ago. Normally, I’m terrified of storms but since I got my 5D I’m able to stand outside and shoot.



My first odonata!  I’ve been dying for a decent dragon or damsefly shot. argia apicalis

Baby Pictures


These aren’t something I normally do, but I had to try because she is just SO DARN CUTE!  She’s my boyfriend’s niece, and the mother asked me to come take pictures.  Mind you, I’ve never really done “people pictures” before.  I think they turned out okay considering!  It’s possibly something I’d even like to get […]

I may have recently upgraded cameras, but I’ve still taken some photos with the Canon Rebel XT that I love to bits.  This post is a tribute to those photos, and my first SLR. Camera:  Canon EOS 350D, Lens:  70-200mm f/4.0 L This one was taken about two weeks for my upgrade.  For me it […]